Let me briefly share with you some information about my background and qualifications.......in 1987, after a successful career in the banking industry, I obtained my license to trade in real estate, and in 1992 earned a Broker's designation. I am passionate about the industry, and over the years have been very involved in organized real estate, having served as a member of many committees and as well as a Director of our local Real Estate Board. As well as servicing buyers and sellers, I have been involved in the management and training of one of Canada's largest Brokerages. Currently, I am focusing primarily on sales. I enjoy providing advice to my buyers and sellers so that they can make "informed" decisions when buying or selling! I am proud to be associated with Bosley Real Estate, one of Canada's oldest real estate firms, established in 1928. To quote Tom Bosley, our President, "quality is more important than quantity, that is to say, we don't wish to be giants, we wish to be responsive, professional people in an important service industry." I hope you will consider entrusting me with the sale or purchase of your home!